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Dealtime.com Comparison Shopping Engine Info

Other Domains: dealtime.com, shopping.com, *Powers Bing Shopping
Launch Date: 1997
Traffic (compete.com) *5/2012 (in millions unless noted): Epinion.com 13.2 (includes Shopping & Dealtime)
Alexa Rank *7/0212: Epinions.com 932, Shopping.com 863, Dealtime.com 3351
Bidding Format (most granular listed): Category Level
Daily product level reporting: Available in UI or via FTP
Dealtime feed specifications Yes - Click To Download
Dealtime category rate card Yes - Click To Download
Dealtime feed taxonomy Yes - Click To Download

Shopping.com reflects the combined vision and expertise of two companies: DealTime, a leading shopping search engine; and Epinions, a leading consumer reviews and ratings platform. In six years, the dual genius of Shopping.com, has revolutionalized how consumers find the widest array of product opportunities at their fingertips; based on quality, price, and comparisons; and catered their communication, research, and hi-tech capabilities accordingly, to create a comparison shopping engine platform that enables "the world's ultimate shopping experience", for the e-customer of the new millennium.

Enlisted as just one of our major product marketing vehicles, Shopping.com offers what every consumer wants, a top-notch comparison shopping site that offers them the most amount of quality choices, in the discipline of price comparison shopping. With a volume of over twenty million consumers a month logging on to find products and services, Shopping.com stands alone as #1 in ratings and traffic: an industry giant among e-commerce comparison shopping engines, and one of the top three retail shopping sites overall.

With ShopTracker as your aid, you'll be connected to the hustle and bustle of Shopping.com's e-marketplace, teeming with millions of product-hungry customers. Not only will you be introduced and endorsed to their broad return-customer base, but with our high-technology based marketing interface and tools; you'll be able to monitor, develop, and cultivate your own success.

ShopTracker acts as the central management point for all your shopping products and feeds, and optimizes your product placement within major comparison shopping engines, such as Shopping.com. Based on specific product, price, and category; a consumer will navigate the geography of Shopping.com product resources, and purchase accordingly. We walk you through the Shopping.com data feed creation process, and introduce you to the most crucial business contact you'll ever have: ShopTracker.

In this instance, we would solicit the Shopping.com feed services and tools for your product; and evaluate and maximize your existing xml or data feeds in accordance to this specific CSE, in order to produce custom-tailored Shopping.com search or shopping feeds; and submit your product in this format. From here, the e-genius of ShopTracker is instituted. Our hi-tech service provides the integral component in maximizing your conversion rate: we track how your product stands up to your competitors' in product comparison, pricing margins, and cost analysis; and lets you one-up the competition by enabling you constant updates and ample opportunity to alter your product feed (also known as data feeds, xml feeds, or shopping feeds), based on what your competitor offers.

High traffic means high competition, but also offers a smart business person endless opportunities to maximize exposure, volume, and most importantly, conversion sales. Knowing what the competition prices their comparable products at, will give you the power to lower or raise your product's prices, and gain top-ranking positions within the Shopping.com network. Shopping.com boasts "the world's ultimate shopping experience" for more than twenty million e-customers a month; ShopTracker is the necessary means to capitalize on this worldwide market of possibilities.

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