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Pronto Comparison Shopping Engine Info

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Launch Date: 2006
Traffic (compete.com) *5/2012 (in millions unless noted): 13.5 (Part of the Ask.com network)
Alexa Rank *7/2012: 996 (Part of the Ask.com network)
Bidding Format (most granular listed): Category Level
Daily product level reporting: Available in User Interface. Previous Day Only.
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The Pronto Network spans a growing network of shopping verticals, including ProntoStyle.com, ProntoHome.com, ProntoTech.com, ProntoKids.com, and BabyPronto.com. These sites provide easy to use comparison shopping tools for discerning consumers seeking the right products from the best merchants at the lowest prices. The Pronto Network is supported by a product index of over 70 million products from over 25,000 online merchants. Named "Best Online Price Comparison Site" by Kiplinger's, Pronto.com has a team of experts in technology, Web search, consumer products, and social media working to create a world-class social shopping experience. Pronto.com is an operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), which operates more than 50 leading Internet businesses including Ask.com, Citysearch, Evite, Match.com, Gifts.com, The Daily Beast and CollegeHumor.

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