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Bing Comparison Shopping Engine Info

Other Domains:
Launch Date: 7/2005
Traffic (compete.com) *5/2012 (in millions unless noted): 93.4 (Part of the Bing.com network)
Alexa Rank *7/0212: 15 (Part of the Bing.com network)
Bidding Format (most granular listed): N/A
Daily product level reporting: No
Bing Shopping feed specifications Yes - Click To Download
Bing Shopping category rate card N/A
Bing Shopping feed taxonomy Yes - Click To Download

With BingTM Shopping, you can drive traffic to your sites for free, potentially displaying your online products to more than 93.6 million unique searchers making decisions with Bing.

List Your Product Catalogs on Bing for Free!

We are happy to announce a new and currently free Bing Shopping program for our existing Bing cashback advertisers that will begin on July 31, 2010. Now you can drive traffic to your sites for free with Bing Shopping, potentially displaying your online products to millions of unique searchers who are making decisions on Bing.

Bing Shopping should be an important part of your advertising mix for your back-to-school and holiday advertising efforts since the Bing audience is:

  • 23% more likely to make purchases online than the average searcher
  • 6% more likely likely to make purchases online as Google searchers in the U.S
  • Source: comScore Core Search (custom), January 2012

The new Bing Shopping program enables existing cashback advertisers to provide a broad set of products for inclusion in Bing Shopping with little to no extra work required.

How to get started

Shopping on Bing continues to be a key part of our overall search strategy at Microsoft and it should remain an important part of your advertising mix for 2010. With the new Bing Shopping program, you gain traffic to your site for free and it's easier than ever to participate.

Getting started is easy-all you have to do is to keep sending us your Bing cashback Shopping data feed after July 30, 2010 and it will automatically be added to the new Bing Shopping program for free, subject to the new Bing Shopping program Terms of Use. We recommend you expand your feed to include all your products for broader coverage consistent with the Bing Shopping Terms of Use, which by policy referenced therein may require you to remove some of your products. Contact your Microsoft Advertising representative today to learn more.

What's next for Bing Shopping?

In addition to current Bing Shopping features like consumer reviews and ratings, and Visual Search, we're continually improving the Bing Shopping experience to help shoppers discover products and compare offers. Future planned enhancements include a more streamlined Bing Shopping experience, improved shopping scenarios for expanded, targeted reach via social, mobile, and local, and more integration with Bing.com.

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