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Google Shopping (AKA Froogle, Google Products) Comparison Shopping Engine Info

Other Domains:
Launch Date: 2002
Traffic (compete.com) *5/2012 (in millions unless noted): 163.2 (Part of the Google.com network)
Alexa Rank *7/2012: 1 (Part of the Google.com network)
Bidding Format (most granular listed): User customized product grouping
Daily product level reporting: No
Google Shopping feed specifications Yes - Click To Download
Google Shopping category rate card Google Shopping uses the same minimum cpc bidding format as google adwords
Google Shopping feed taxonomy Yes - Click To Download

You use Google everyday. Of course you do: Google commands over 50% of search traffic. Now meet Froogle, a new comparison shopping engine spun from the same genius web as the ever-popular Google; that makes it easy to find information about products for sale online. By focusing entirely on product search, Froogle applies the power of Google's search technology to a very specific task: locating stores that sell the item you want to find and pointing you directly to the place where you can make a purchase. Froogle is the concentrated and more versatile shoppers' search engine, and with the help of marketing tools such as ShopTracker, we can put your business before the ever-growing e-shopping world, rank you higher than previously, and help you to help yourself capitalize on that window.

With the aid of our marketing expertise and techno-savvy; we'll introduce you to the most e-traveled, high-profile search engine parameters,; ensure custom-fit feed submission from your website to the Froogle domain; and give you the ultimate power in monitoring, maintaining, and growing your product(s) success; via the integral marketing device for business' large and small: ShopTracker.

What ShopTracker does, is takes the guesswork out of your products' profitability. In short and simply put: it tracks Froogle's customers' response to your site and also to that of your competition. So, we take your products' previous specs and alter this to the feed requirements in Froogle's data feed creation process (with Froogle's shopping feed services and tools as reference); thus creating Froogle xml data, shopping, and search feeds. From there, we employ ShopTracker.

Why ShopTracker is so crucial in the development of your business, is this: your product(s) will be placed in a high-visibility climate with Froogle, delivering a huge opportunity to you, if not utililzed properly; will prove counter-productive. In short, how can you ensure that your business' product(s) are seen and chosen above your competition? By delivering constant e-analysis to you; ShopTracker will determine the click-ratios, price margins, and cost-of-goods sales analysis of your product(s), as well as that of your competition. From there, you can lower or raise your products' rates, or change your new feeds' descriptions to adequately combat the competition.

ShopTracker gives you the leg-up on competing for volume, and subsequent recovery or conversion of your sales. It is a necessary component in the success of your business, and the longetivity of your enduring return.

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