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Campaign style SEO

To us, SEO is no different than any other marketing channel on the surface. We need to understand the same things about our client and their goals as we do with other channels (paid search, comparison shopping search, etc). At the end of the day we need to deliver the same types of results as well.

Where your keywords do or don?t rank is not the bottom line. Too many SEO conversations begin and end with where specific keywords do or do not rank and various guarantees of where they eventually will or won?t rank. Too few SEO conversations center on items such as client need, client?s message, increasing targeted traffic and return on investment.

Your keyword rankings are simply another reporting metric we use as a tool to get to the bottom line: Increased revenue, more leads, better ROI.

We measure search engine optimization?s bottom line the same way we do anything else - With costs, revenues and profit margins. We deliver this data to you in a format that makes sense. SEO does not have to be some esoteric science with reports and data that can?t be quantified to a bottom line.

With that said, the backend process of SEO, both Organic and Local, is a bit of a science. This science should not be used as a way to trick, confuse and alienate clients however. The science side is a tool we use to deliver.

Some Aspects of SEO process, for Organic and Local (where applicable):

  • Understanding the products and services being offered
  • Understanding the goals a campaign should accomplish (sales, deliver information, acquire leads)
  • Site Analysis regarding code issues, load time
  • Review of SEO work to date
  • Research of industry competition, keywords
  • Customized SEO implementation plan
  • Claim Local Listings
  • SEO Content writing
  • Site code enhancement
  • Create Sitemap xml
  • Link Popularity campaign
  • Advanced tracking to understand all conversions. Phone calls, Form leads, Ecommerce sales, Newsletter signups, File downloads and more.
  • Reporting on all organic/local traffic
  • Review the account with the client. Create and endless loop and restart the process all over again refining and improving the campaign (and results) along the way.

You may notice that some of these items are the same or similar to other channel management processes. That?s because your offer and your goals are generally the same across all channels. Shouldn?t we build a plan and report on its success with the same information and in the same manner?

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