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ShopTracker Comparison Shopping Management Software

  • We can submit feeds for every shopping site or affiliate program, from every shopping cart!
  • Daily Automated Data Feed submission
  • Mass Categorization system to quickly and correctly categorize products
  • Optimization interface to optimize data sent to Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Quickly remove underperforming or out of stock items from being sent in feeds
  • Automated, product level bid management system based on revenue goals
  • Performance tracking at the product level – Clicks, Cost & Revenue
  • Product Price Intelligence – how competitive is your pricing versus the competition?
  • BONUS Free PPCBidTracker access with ShopTracker accounts!

Comparison Shopping offers a great marketing opportunity for retailers to display and sell their products to online consumers. However, comparison shopping is not an easy channel to work within. ShopTracker helps retailers automate, manage and succeed at Comparison Shopping Marketing.

ShopTracker creates a fluid process between your product database and comparison shopping engine databases. The ShopTracker solution automates a process to grab your product data, manipulate it into data feeds for each shopping engine and then submit the feeds – automatically.

This process frees up your resources to focus on other shopping feed management items such as increasing revenue. Our online interface not only acts as the middle man between your database and the CSE databases, but it also gives you a unique management interface to optimize your profit margin.

With ShopTracker you can create revenue goals and automate bidding at the product level. You can also manually adjust bids at the product level and quickly remove underperforming, or out of stock, products from your daily data feeds.

ShopTracker also offers a powerful category mapping system that links together shopping engine taxonomies into a centralized category structure. This allows you to quickly add new products to your feed or change categories for existing products.

Gain valuable intelligence into your competitor’s pricing strategies and your own price competitiveness. You’ll be able to pull reports that show the competition’s pricing and your own price in relation to the competition. Understand where you are not priced competitively or where you are giving away margin!

In addition to maintenance and bidding processes, ShopTracker also contains an optimization section that helps you maximize the exposure your products receive within shopping search results. Add keywords, change product data and edit other customized shopping data fields.

As mentioned we can build a feed for any comparison shopping engine, any marketplace, any affiliate program or any other outlet you may desire. Please just let us know where you need a feed sent and we’ll deliver it! Below is a partial list of comparison shopping engines where we deliver feeds.

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