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Shopzilla Comparison Shopping Engine Info

Other Domains: bizrate.com
Launch Date: 1997
Traffic (compete.com) *5/2012 (in millions unless noted): 29.1 (includes Bizrate)
Alexa Rank *7/2012: Shopzilla 617, Bizrate 389
Bidding Format (most granular listed): Product Level
Daily product level reporting: Available in User Interface
Shopzilla feed specifications Yes - Click To Download
Shopzilla category rate card Yes - Click To Download
Shopzilla feed taxonomy Yes - Click To Download

Founded in 1996, Bizrate.com, now named Shopzilla; is the largest, fastest, and most accurate shopping search engine on the Web. With an index of over 30 million product offers from more than 40,000 stores, Bizrate.com uses ShopRank™, a proprietary shopping search algorithm; to produce the industry's most relevant search results by weighing price, popularity, and availability of products; against the reputations of merchants that sell them.

At the heart of ShopRank™ are Bizrate.com's signature merchant and product ratings, collected from more than one million online buyers each month; making them the most reliable ratings on the Web. Every week, the Bizrate.com shopping search engine prepares millions of shoppers to make smarter, more confident purchases; and sends them directly to the checkout page of thousands of online merchants. Enlisting our feed services and e-genius marketing device, ShopTracker; will ensure that you are an integral part of this wide return-customer base; and more generally, of the new revolution treasure trove of e-commerce.

There are three central components to maximizing the volume, revenue, and stabilized longetivity of your business in the e-commerce world: knowing how to logistically market your product to hi-profile e-shopping meccas such as Bizrate.com, staying vigilant to your customers' options from competitors, and making that sale yours. With Bizrate's shopping feed services and tools as a guideline, and our own hi-tech savvy as your product catalyst; we will examine, develop, and custom-fit your data, xml, or shopping feed to the standards and format of the particular comparison shopping engine's decree (in this case, the Bizrate data feed creation); to ensure your products are presented to consumers with priority and dependability. All of your previous website feeds will be transferred and cultivated to become Bizrate shopping, xml data, and search feeds; part of the highly-trafficked network of the Bizrate marketplace.

Once listed, ShopTracker will act as the central management point for all your shopping products and feeds. It will, in essence, take over; avidly tracking how your product compares to your competitors' by price, description, and cost analysis; with the reliance upon constant product updates. Not only will you have the ample opportunity to monitor this process in detail, but you'll be equipped with the means to alter your product feed (also known as data feeds, xml feeds, or shopping feeds), based on what your competitor is offering at any given moment; and therefore, answer your customers' needs more directly and efficiently, giving way to a optimized conversion rate.

As one of the most far-reaching and powerful names in comparison shopping, Bizrate.com commands trust and first-click priority in the minds and lives of consumers worldwide, for all their product desires. It provides a hotbed for smart business people to conduct business in a fast-evolving techno-world, and promote their visions and products to eyes and ears willing to buy. But without our techno-expertise in delivering customized product presentation and the pro-active nature of ShopTracker, you are just another merchant in the sea of competition and like products.

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